Dukh Bhanjani Sahib English Translation

gauRee mahalaa panjavaa maa(n)jh ||
Gauree, Fifth Mehla, Maajh:

dhukh bha(n)jan teraa naam jee dhukh bha(n)jan teraa naam || aaTh pahar aaraadheeaai pooran satigur giaan ||1|| rahaau ||
The Destroyer of sorrow is Your Name, Lord; the Destroyer of sorrow is Your Name. Twenty-four hours a day, dwell upon the wisdom of the Perfect True Guru. ||1||Pausell

jit ghaT vasai paarabraham soiee suhaavaa thaau || jam ka(n)kar neR na aaviee rasanaa har gungaau ||1||
That heart, in which the Supreme Lord God abides, is the most beautiful place. The Messenger of Death does not even approach those who chant the Glorious Praises of the Lord with the tongue. ||1||

sevaa surat na jaaneeaa naa jaapai aaraadh || oT teree jagajeevanaa mere Thaakur agam agaadh ||2||
I have not understood the wisdom of serving Him, nor have I worshipped Him in meditation. You are my Support, O Life of the World; O my Lord and Master, Inaccessible and Incomprehensible. ||2||

bhe kirapaal gusaieeaa na The sog sa(n)taap || tatee vaau na lagiee satigur rakhe aap ||3||
When the Lord of the Universe became merciful, sorrow and suffering departed. The hot winds do not even touch those who are protected by the True Guru. ||3||

gur naarain dhay gur gur sachaa sirajanahaar || gur tu Thai sabh kichh paiaa jan naanak sadh balihaar ||4||2||170||
The Guru is the All-pervading Lord, the Guru is the Merciful Master, the Guru is the True Creator Lord. When the Guru was totally satisfied, I obtained everything. Servant Nanak is forever a sacrifice to Him. ||4||2||170||

gauRee mahalaa panjavaa || Gauree, Fifth Mehla; sooke hare ke’ee khin maahe || a(n)mirat dhirasaT sa(n)ch jeevaae ||1||
The dried branches are made green again in an instant. His Ambrosial Glance irrigates and revives them. ||1||

kaaTe kasaT poore gurdhev || sevak kau dheenee apunee sev ||1|| rahaau ||
The Perfect Divine Guru has removed my sorrow. He blesses His servant with His service. ||1|| Pausell

miT giee chi(n)t punee man aasaa || karee dhiaa satigur gunataasaa ||2||
Anxiety is removed, and the desires of the mind are fulfilled, when the True Guru, the Treasure of Excellence, shows His Kindness. ||2||

dhukh naaThe sukh aai samaae || ddeel na paree jaa gur furamaae ||3||
Pain is driven far away, and peace comes in its place; there is no delay, when the Guru gives the Order. ||3||

eichh punee poore gur mile || naanak te jan sufal fale ||4||58||127||
Desires are fulfilled, when one meets the True Guru; O Nanak, His humble servant is fruitful and prosperous. ||4||58||127||

gauRee mahalaa panjavaa ||
Gauree, Fifth Mehla:

taap ge paiee prabh saa(n)t || seetal bhe keenee prabh dhaat ||1|| The fever has departed; God has showered us with peace and tranquility. A cooling peace prevails; God has granted this gift. II 1||

prabh kirapaa te bhe suhele || janam janam ke bichhure mele ||1||rahaau ||
By God’s Grace, we have become comfortable. Separated from Him for countless incarnations, we are now reunited with Him. ||1||Pausell

simarat simarat prabh kaa naau || sagal rog kaa binasiaa thaau ||2||
Meditating, meditating in remembrance on God’s Name, the dwelling of all disease is destroyed. ||2||

sahaj subhai bolai har baanee Il aaTh pahar prabh simarahu praanee ||3||
In intuitive peace and poise, chant the Word of the Lord’s Bani. Twenty-four hours a day, O mortal, meditate on God. ||3||

dhookh dharadh jam neR na aavai || kahu naanak jo har gun gaavai || 4||59||128||
Pain, suffering and the Messenger of Death do not even approach that one, says Nanak, who sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord. ||4||59||128||

gauRee mahalaa panjavaa || Gauree, Fifth Mehla:
jis simarat dhookh sabh jai || naam ratan vasai man aai ||1||
Remembering Him in meditation, all pains are gone. The jewel of the Naam, the Name of the Lord, comes to dwell in the mind. ||1||

jap man mere govi(n)dh kee baanee || saadhoo jan raam rasan vakhaanee ||1|| rahaau ||
O my mind, chant the Bani, the Hymns of the Lord of the Universe. The Holy People chant the Lord’s Name with their tongues. || 1||Pause||

eikas bin naahee dhoojaa koi || jaa kee dhirasaT sadhaa sukh hoi ||2||
Without the One Lord, there is no other at all. By His Glance of Grace, eternal peace is obtained. ||2||

saajan meet sakhaa kar ek || har har akhar man meh lekh ||3||
Make the One Lord your friend, intimate and companion. Write in your mind the Word of the Lord, Har, Har. ||3||

rav rahiaa sarabat suaamee || gun gaavai naanak a(n)tarajaamee ||4||62||131||
The Lord Master is totally pervading everywhere. Nanak sings the Praises of the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts. ||4||62||131||

gauRee mahalaa panjavaa || Gauree, Fifth Mehla: koT bighan hire khin maeh || har har kathaa saadhasa(n)g sunaeh ||1||
Millions of obstacles are removed in instant, for those who listen to the Sermon of the Lord, Har, Har, in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. ||1||

peevat raam ras a(n)mirat gun jaas II jap har charan miTee khudh taas||1|| rahaau ||
They drink in the sublime essence of the Lord’s Name, the Ambrosial Elixir. Meditating on the Lord’s Feet, hunger is taken away. ||1||Pause||

sarab kaliaan sukh sahaj nidhaan || jaa kai ridhai vaseh bhagavaan ||2||
The treasure of all happiness, celestial peace and poise, are obtained by those, whose hearts are filled with the Lord God. ||2||

aaukhadh ma(n)tr ta(n)t sabh chhaar || karanaihaar ridhe mehdhaar ||3||
All medicines and remedies, mantras and tantras are nothing more than ashes. Enshrine the Creator Lord within your heart.||3||

taj sabh bharam bhajio paarabraham || kahu naanak a Tal ih dharam ||4||80||149||
Renounce all your doubts, and vibrate upon the Supreme Lord God. Says Nanak, this path of Dharma is eternal and unchanging. Il41|80||149||

gauRee mahalaa panjavaa ||
Gauree, Fifth Mehla:

saa(n)t bhiee gur gobidh paiee || taap paap binase mere bhaiee ||1||rahaau ||
Peace and tranquility have come; the Guru, the Lord of the Universe, has brought it. The burning sins have departed, O my Siblings of Destiny. ||1||Pause||

raam naam nit rasan bakhaan || binase rog bhe kaliaan ||1||
With your tongue, continually chant the Lord’s Name. Disease shall depart, and you shall be saved. ||1||

paarabraham gun agam beechaar || saadhoo sa(n)gam hai nisataar ||2||
Contemplate the Glorious Virtues of the Unfathomable Supreme Lord God. In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, you shall be emancipated. ||2||

niramal gun gaavahu nit neet || giee biaadh ubare jan meet ||3||
Sing the Glories of God each and every day, your afflictions shall be dispelled, and you shall be saved, my humble friend. ||3||

man bach karam prabh apanaa dhiaaiee || naanak dhaas teree saranaiee ||4||102||171||
In thought, word and deed, I meditate on my God. Slave Nanak has come to Your Sanctuary. |14||102||171||

gauRee mahalaa panjavaa ||
Gauree, Fifth Mehla:

netr pragaas keeaa gurdhev || bharam ge pooran bhiee sev ||1|| rahaau ||
The Divine Guru has opened his eyes. Doubt has been dispelled; my service has been successful. ||1||Pausell

seetalaa te rakhiaa bihaaree Il paarabraham prabh kirapaa dhaaree ||1||
The Giver of joy has saved him from smallpox. The Supreme Lord God has granted His Grace. ||1||

naanak naam japai so jeevai || saadhasa(n)g har a(n)mrit peevai ||2||103||172||
O Nanak, he alone lives, who chants the Naam, the Name of the Lord. In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, drink deeply of the Lord’s Ambrosial Nectar. ||2||103||172||

gauRee mahalaa panjavaa ||
Gauree, Fifth Mehla:

thir ghar baisahu har jan piaare || satigur tumare kaaj savaare ||1||rahaau ||
Remain steady in the home of your own self, O beloved servant of the Lord. The True Guru shall resolve all your affairs. ||1|| Pausell

dhusaT dhoot paramesar maare || jan kee paij rakhee karataare ||1||
The Transcendent Lord has struck down the wicked and the evil. The Creator has preserved the honor of His servant. ||1||

baadhisaeh saeh sabh vas kar dheene || a(n)mirat naam mahaa ras peene ||2||
The kings and emperors are all under his power, he drinks deeply of the most sublime essence of the Ambrosial Naam. ||2||

nirabhau hoi bhajahu bhagavaan || saadhasa(n)gat mil keeno dhaan ||3||
Meditate fearlessly on the Lord God. Joining the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, this gift is given. ||3||

saran pare prabh a(n)tarajaamee || naanak oT pakaree prabh suaamee||4||108||
Nanak has entered the Sanctuary of God, the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts; he grasps the Support of God, his Lord and Master. ||4||108||

gauRee mahalaa panjavaa || Gauree, Fifth Mehla: raakh pitaa prabh mere || moh niragun sabh gun tere ||1|| rahaau ||
Save me, O My Father God. I am worthless and without virtue; all virtues are Yours. ||1||Pausell

pa(n)ch bikhaadhee ek gareebaa raakhahu raakhanahaare || khedh kareh ar bahut sa(n)taaveh aaio saran tuhaare ||1||
The five vicious thieves are assaulting my poor being; save me, O Savior Lord! They are tormenting and torturing me. I have come, seeking Your Sanctuary. ||1||

kar kar haario anik bahu bhaatee chhoddeh katahoo(n) naaheeIl ek baat sun taakee oTaa saadhasa(n)g miT jaahee ||2||
Trying all sorts of things, I have grown weary, but still, they will not leave me alone. But I have heard that they can be rooted out, in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; and so I seek their Shelter. ||2||

kar kirapaa sa(n)t mile moh tin te dheeraj paiaa || sa(n)tee ma(n)t dheeo moh nirabhau gur kaa sabadh kamaiaa ||3||
In their Mercy, the Saints have met me, and from them, I have obtained satisfaction. The Saints have given me the Mantra of the Fearless Lord, and now I practice the Word of the Guru’s Shabad. ||3||

jeet le oi mahaa bikhaadhee sahaj suhelee baanee || kahu naanak man bhiaa paragaasaa paiaa padh nirabaanee ||4||4||125||
I have now conquered those terrible evil-doers, and my speech is now sweet and sublime. Says Nanak, the Divine Light has dawned within my mind, I have obtained the state of Nirvaanaa. ||4||4||125||

bilaaval mahalaa panjavaa || Bilaaval, Fifth Mehla: sarab kaliaan ke’ee gurdhev II sevak apanee laio sev || bighan na laagai jap alakh abhev ||1||
The Divine Guru has blessed me with total happiness. He has linked His servant to His service. No obstacles block my path, meditating on the incomprehensible, inscrutable Lord. ||1||

dharat puneet bhiee gun gaae || dhurat giaa har naam dhiaae ||1||rahaau ||
The soil has been sanctified, singing the Glories of His Praises. The sins are eradicated, meditating on the Name of the Lord. ||1||Pausell

sabhanee thaa(n)iee raviaa aap Il aadh jugaadh jaa kaa vadd parataap || gur parasaadh na hoi sa(n)taap ||2||
He Himself is pervading everywhere; from the very beginning, and throughout the ages, His Glory has been radiantly manifest. By Guru’s Grace, sorrow does not touch me.

gur ke charan lage man meeThe || nirabighan hoi sabh thaa(n)iee vooThe || sabh sukh paae satigur too The ||3||
The Guru’s Feet seem so sweet to my mind. He is unobstructed, dwelling everywhere. I found total peace, when the Guru was pleased. ||3||

paarabraham prabh bhe rakhavaale || jithai kithai dheeseh naale || naanak dhaas khasam pratipaale ||4||2||
The Supreme Lord God has become my Savior. Wherever I look, I see Him there with me. O Nanak, the Lord and Master protects and cherishes His slaves. ||4||2||

bilaaval mahalaa panjavaa || Bilaaval, Fifth Mehla:
charan kamal prabh hiradhai dhiaae || rog ge sagale sukh paae ||1||
Within my heart, I meditate on the Lotus Feet of God. Disease is gone, and I have found total peace. ||1||

gur dhukh kaaTiaa dheeno dhaan Il safal janam jeevan paravaan ||1||rahaau ||
The Guru relieved my sufferings, and blessed me with the gift. My birth has been rendered fruitful, and my life is approved. II1||Pause||

akath kathaa a(n)mirat prabh baanee || kahu naanak jap jeeve giaanee ||2||2||20||
The Ambrosial Bani of God’s Word is the Unspoken Speech. Says Nanak, the spiritually wise live by meditating on God. ||

bilaaval mahalaa panjavaa || Bilaaval, Fifth Mehla: saa(n)t paiee gur satigur poore || sukh upaje baaje anahadh toore || 1|| rahaau ||
The Guru, the Perfect True Guru, has blessed me with peace and tranquility. Peace and joy have welled up, and the mystical trumpets of the unstruck sound current vibrate. ||1||Pause||

taap paap sa(n)taap binaase || har simarat kilavikh sabh naase ||1||
Sufferings, sins and afflictions have been dispelled. Remembering the Lord in meditation, all sinful mistakes have been erased. ||1||

anadh karahu mil su(n)dhar naaree Il gur naanak meree paij savaaree ||2||3||21||
Joining together, O beautiful soul-brides, celebrate and make merry. Guru Nanak has saved my honor. ||2||3||21|||

bilaaval mahalaa panjavaa ||
Bilaaval, Fifth Mehla:

sagal ana(n)dh keeaa paramesar apanaa biradh sam(h)aariaa || saadh janaa hoe kirapaalaa bigase sabh paravaariaa ||1||
The Transcendent Lord has brought bliss to all; He has confirmed His Natural Way. He has become Merciful to the humble, holy Saints, and all my relatives blossom forth in joy. ||1||

kaaraj satigur aap savaariaa || vaddee aarajaa har gobi(n)dh kee sookh ma(n)gal kaliaan beechaariaa ||1|| rahaau ||
The True Guru Himself has resolved my affairs. He has blessed Hargobind with long life, and taken care of my comfort, happiness and well-being. ||1||Pausell

van tiran tirabhavan hariaa hoe sagale jeea saadhaariaa || man ichhe naanak fal paae pooran ichh pujaariaa ||2||5||23||
The forests, meadows and the three worlds have blossomed forth in greenery; He gives His Support to all beings. Nanak has obtained the fruits of his mind’s desires; his desires are totally fulfilled. ||2||5||23|||

bilaaval mahalaa panjavaa ||
Bilaaval, Fifth Mehla:

rog giaa prabh aap gavaiaa || needh piee sukh sahaj ghar aaiaa || 1|| rahaau ||
The disease is gone; God Himself took it away. I sleep in peace; peaceful poise has come to my home. ||1||Pause||

raj raj bhojan khaavahu mere bhaiee || a(n)mirat naam ridh maeh dhiaaiee ||1||
Eat to your fill, O my Siblings of Destiny. Meditate on the Ambrosial Naam, the Name of the Lord, within your heart. ||1||

naanak gur poore saranaiee || jin apane naam kee paij rakhaiee ||2||81|26||
Nanak has entered the Sanctuary of the Perfect Guru, who has preserved the honor of His Name. ||2||8||26||

bilaaval mahalaa panjavaa ||
Bilaaval, Fifth Mehla:

taap sa(n)taap sagale ge binase te rog Il paarabraham too bakhasiaa sa(n)tan ras bhog || rahaau ||
The fever and sickness are gone, and the diseases are all dispelled. The Supreme Lord God has forgiven you, so enjoy the happiness of the Saints. ||Pause||

sarab sukhaa teree ma(n)ddalee teraa man tan aarog || gun gaavahu nit raam ke ieh avakhadh jog ||1||
All joys have entered your world, and your mind and body are free of disease. So chant continuously the Glorious Praises of the Lord; this is the only potent medicine. ||1||

aai basahu ghar dhes meh ieh bhale sa(n)jog || naanak prabh suprasa(n)n bhe leh ge biog ||2||10||28||
So come, and dwell in your home and native land; this is such a blessed and auspicious occasion. O Nanak, God is totally pleased with you; your time of separation has come to an end. ||2||10||28|||

bilaaval mahalaa panjavaa ||
Bilaaval, Fifth Mehla:

ba(n)dhan kaaTe aap prabh hoaa kirapaal || dheen dhiaal prabh paarabraham taa kee nadhar nihaal ||1||
My bonds have been snapped; God Himself has become compassionate. The Supreme Lord God is Merciful to the meek; by His Glance of Grace, I am in ecstasy. ||1||

gur poorai kirapaa karee kaa Tiaal dhukh rog Il man tan seetal sukhee bhiaa prabh dhiaavan jog ||1||rahaau ||
The Perfect Guru has shown mercy to me, C and eradicated my pains and illnesses. My mind and body have been cooled and soothed, meditating on God, most worthy of meditation. ||1||Pausell

aaukhadh har kaa naam hai jit rog na viaapai || saadhasa(n)g man tan hitai fir dhookh na jaapai ||2||
The Name of the Lord is the medicine to cure all disease, with it, no disease afflicts me. In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, the mind and body are tinged with the Lord’s Love, and I do not suffer pain any longer. ||2||

har har har har jaapeeaai a(n)tar liv laiee || kilavikh utareh sudh hoi saadhoo saranaiee ||3||
I chant the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, Har, Har, lovingly centering my inner being on Him. Sinful mistakes are erased and I am sanctified, in the Sanctuary of the Holy Saints. ||3||

sunat japat har naam jas taa kee dhoor balaiee || mahaa ma(n)tr naanak kathai har ke gun gaiee ||4||23||53||
Misfortune is kept far away from those who hear and chant the Praises of the Lord’s Name. Nanak chants the Mahaa Mantra, the Great Mantra, singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. |14||23||53||

bilaaval mahalaa panjavaa ||
Bilaaval, Fifth Mehla:

har har har aaraadheeaai hoieeaai aarog || raamacha(n)dh kee lasa Tikaa jin maariaa rog ||1||rahaau ||
Worship and adore the Lord, Har, Har, Har, and you shall be free of disease. This is the Lord’s healing rod, which eradicates all disease. ||1||Pausell

gur pooraa har jaapeeaai nit keechai bhog || saadhasa(n)gat kai vaaranai miliaa sa(n)jog ||1||
Meditating on the Lord, through the Perfect Guru, he constantly enjoys pleasure. I am devoted to the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; I have been united with my Lord. ||1||

jis simarat sukh paieeaai binasai biog || naanak prabh saranaagatee karan kaaran jog ||2||34||64||
Contemplating Him, peace is obtained, and separation is ended. Nanak seeks the Sanctuary of God, the All-powerful Creator, the Cause of causes. ||2||34||64||

ikOankaar satigur prasaadh ||
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

raag bilaaval mahalaa panjavaa dhupadhe ghar panjavaa
Raag Bilaaval, Fifth Mehla, Dho-Padhay. Fifth House:

ikOankaar satigur prasaadh ||
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

avar upaav sabh tiaagiaa dhaaroo naam liaa || taap paap sabh miTe rog seetal man bhiaa ||1||
I have given up all other efforts, and have taken the medicine of the Naam, the Name of the Lord. Fevers, sins and all diseases are eradicated, and my mind is cooled and soothed. ||1||

gur pooraa aaraadhiaa sagalaa dhukh giaa || raakhanahaarai raakhiaa apanee kar miaa ||1||rahaau ||
Worshipping the Perfect Guru in adoration, all pains are dispelled. The Savior Lord has saved me; He has blessed me with His Kind Mercy. ||1||Pausell

baeh pakaR prabh kaaddiaa keenaa apaniaa || simar simar man tan sukhee naanak nirabhiaa ||2||1||65||
Grabbing hold of my arm, God has pulled me up and out; He has made me His own. Meditating, meditating in remembrance, my mind and body are at peace; Nanak has become fearless. ||2||1||65||

bilaaval mahalaa panjavaa ||
Bilaaval, Fifth Mehla:

rog miTaiaa aap prabh upajiaa sukh saa(n)t || vadd parataap acharaj roop har keen(h)ee dhaat ||1||
God Himself eradicated the disease; peace and tranquility have welled up. The Lord blessed me with the gifts of great, glorious radiance and wondrous form. ||1||

gur govi(n)dh kirapaa karee raakhiaa meraa bhaiee || ham tis kee saranaagatee jo sadhaa sahaiee ||1|| rahaau ||
The Guru, the Lord of the Universe, has shown mercy to me, and saved my brother. I am under His Protection; He is always my help and support. ||1||Pause||

birathee kadhe na hoviee jan kee aradhaas || naanak jor govi(n)dh kaa pooran gunataas ||2||13||77||
The prayer of the Lord’s humble servant is never offered in vain. Nanak takes the strength of the Perfect Lord of the Universe, the treasure of excellence. ||2||13||77||

bilaaval mahalaa panjavaa ||
Bilaaval, Fifth Mehla:

taatee vaau na lagiee paarabraham saranaiee || chaugiradh hamaarai raam kaar dhukh lagai na bhaiee ||1||
The hot wind does not even touch one who is under the Protection of the Supreme Lord God. On all four sides I am surrounded by the Lord’s Circle of Protection; pain does not afflict me, O Siblings of Destiny. ||1||

satigur pooraa bheTiaa jin banat banaiee || raam naam aaukhadh dheeaa ekaa liv laiee ||1|| rahaau ||
I have met the Perfect True Guru, who has done this deed. He has given me the medicine of the Lord’s Name, and I enshrine love for the One Lord. ||1||Pausell

raakh le’ee tin rakhanahaar sabh biaadh miTaiee || kahu naanak kirapaa bhiee prabh bhe sahaiee ||2||15||79||
The Savior Lord has saved me, and eradicated all my sickness. Says Nanak, God has showered me with His Mercy, He has become my help and support. ||2||15|| 79||

bilaaval mahalaa panjavaa ||
Bilaaval, Fifth Mehla:

apane baalak aap rakhian. paarabraham gurdhev || sukh saa(n)t sahaj aanadh bhe pooran bhiee sev ||1|| rahaau ||
The Supreme Lord God, through the Divine Guru, has Himself protected and preserved His children. Celestial peace, tranquility and bliss have come to pass; my service has been perfect. ||1||Pause||

bhagat janaa kee benatee sunee prabh aap || rog miTai jeevaalian jaa kaa vadd parataap ||1||
God Himself has heard the prayers of His humble devotees. He dispelled my disease, and rejuvenated me; His glorious radiance is so great! ||1||

dhokh hamaare bakhasian apanee kal dhaaree || man baa(n)chhat fal dhitian naanak balihaaree ||2||16||80||
He has forgiven me for my sins, and interceded with His power. I have been blessed with the fruits of my mind’s desires; Nanak is a sacrifice to Him. ||2||16||80||

bilaaval mahalaa panjavaa ||
Bilaaval, Fifth Mehla:

taap laahiaa gur sirajanahaar || satigur apane kau bal jaiee jin paij rakhee saarai sa(n)saar ||1|| rahaau||
Through the Guru, the Creator Lord has subdued the fever. I am a sacrifice to my True Guru, who has saved the honor of the whole world. ||1||Pause||

kar masatak dhaar baalik rakh leeno || prabh a(n)mirat naam mahaa ras dheeno ||1||
Placing His Hand on the child’s forehead,
He saved him. God blessed me with the supreme, sublime essence of the Ambrosial Naam. ||1||

dhaas kee laaj rakhai miharavaan Il gur naanak bolai dharageh paravaan ||2||6||86||
The Merciful Lord saves the honor of His slave. Guru Nanak speaks- it is confirmed in the Court of the Lord. ||2||6||86||

bilaaval mahalaa panjavaa ||
Bilaaval, Fifth Mehla:

taap paap te raakhe aap || seetal bhe gur charanee laage raam naam hiradhe meh jaap ||1|| rahaau||
He Himself protects me from suffering and sin. Falling at the Guru’s Feet, I am cooled. and soothed; I meditate on the Lord’s Name
within my heart. ||1||Pause||

kar kirapaa hasat prabh dheene jagat udhaar nav kha(n)dd prataap Il dhukh binase sukh anadh pravesaa tirasan bujhee man tan sach dhraap ||1||
Granting His Mercy, God has extended His Hands. He is the Emancipator of the World; His glorious radiance pervades the nine continents. My pain has been dispelled, and peace and pleasure have come, my desire is quenched, and my mind and body are truly satisfied. ||1||

anaath ko naath saran samarathaa sagal sirasaT ko maiee baap || bhagat vachhal bhai bha(n)jan suaamee gun gaavat naanak aalaap ||2||20||106||
He is the Master of the masterless, All-powerful to give Sanctuary. He is the Mother and Father of the whole Universe. He is the Lover of His devotees, the Destroyer of fear, Nanak sings and chants the Glorious Praises of his Lord and Master.

soraTh mahalaa panjavaa ||
Sorat’h, Fifth Mehla:

kar isanaan simar prabh apanaa man tan bhe arogaa || koT bighan laathe prabh saranaa praga Te bhale sa(n)jogaa ||1||
After taking your cleansing bath, remember your God in meditation, and your mind and body shall be free of disease. Millions of obstacles are removed, in the Sanctuary of God, and good fortune dawns. ||1||

prabh baanee sabadh subhaakhiaa Il gaavahu sunahu paRahu nit bhaiee gur pooral too raakhiaa ||rahaau ||
The Word of God’s Bani, and His Shabad, are the best utterances. So constantly sing them, listen to them, and read them, O Siblings of Destiny, and the Perfect Gurul shall save you. ||Pausell

saachaa saahib amit vaddaiee bhagat vachhal dhiaalaa || sa(n)taa kee paij rakhadhaa aaiaa aadh biradh pratipaalaa ||2||
The glorious greatness of the True Lord is immeasurable; the Merciful Lord is the Lover of His devotees. He has preserved the honor of His Saints; from the very beginning, of time, His Nature is to cherish them. ||2||

har a(n)mirat naam bhojan nit bhu(n)chahu sarab velaa mukh paavahu || jaraa maraa taap sabh naaThaa gun gobi(n)dh nit gaavahu ||3||
So eat the Ambrosial Name of the Lord as your food; put it into your mouth at all times. The pains of old age and death shall all depart, when you constantly sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord of the Universe.

sunee aradhaas suaamee merai sarab kalaa ban aaiee || pragaT bhiee sagale jug a(n)tar gur naanak kee vaddiaaiee ||4||11||
My Lord and Master has heard my prayer, and all my affairs have been resolved. The glorious greatness of Guru Nanak is manifest, throughout all the ages. |14||11|||

soraTh mahalaa panjavaa ||
Sorat’h, Fifth Mehla:

sookh ma(n)gal kaliaan sahaj dhun prabh ke charan nihaariaa || raakhanahaarai raakhio baarik satigur taap utaariaa ||1||
I have been blessed with peace, pleasure, bliss, and the celestial sound current, gazing upon the feet of God. The Savior has saved His child, and the True Guru has cured his fever. ||1||

aubare satigur kee saranaiee || jaa kee sev na birathee jaiee || rahaau||
I have been saved, in the True Guru’s Sanctuary; service to Him does not go in vain. ||1||Pause||

ghar meh sookh baahar fun sookhaa prabh apune bhe dhiaalaa Il naanak bighan na laagai kouoo meraa prabh hoaa kirapaalaa ||2||12||40||
There is peace within the home of one’s heart, and there is peace outside as well, when God becomes kind and compassionate. O Nanak, no obstacles block my way, my God has become gracious and merciful to me. ||2||12||40||

soraTh mahalaa panjavaa ||
Sorat’h, Fifth Mehlaz

ge kales rog sabh naase prabh apunai kirapaa dhaaree || aaTh pahar aaraadhahu suaamee pooran ghaal hamaaree ||1||
My sufferings have come to an end, and all diseases have been eradicated. God has showered me with His Grace. Twenty-four hours a day, I worship and adore my Lord and Master; my efforts have come to fruition. ||1||

har jeeau too sukh sa(n)pat raas || raakh laih bhaiee mere kau prabh aagai aradhaas || rahaau ||
O Dear Lord, You are my peace, wealth and capital. Please, save me, O my Beloved! I offer this prayer to my God. ||Pausell

maagau soiee soiee paavau apane khasam bharosaa || kahu naanak gur pooraa bheTio miTio sagal a(n)dhesaa ||2||14||42||
Whatever I ask for, I receive; I have total faith in my Master, Says Nanak, I have met with the Perfect Guru, and all my fears have been dispelled. 1|2||14||42||

soraTh mahalaa panjavaa ||
Sorat’h, Fifth Mehla:

simar simar gur satigur apanaa sagalaa dhookh miTaiaa || taap rog ge gur bachanee man ichhe fal paiaa ||1||
Meditating, meditating in remembrance on my Guru, the True Guru, all pains have: been eradicated. The fever and the disease are gone, through the Word of the Guru’s Teachings, and I have obtained the fruits of my mind’s desires. ||1||

meraa gur pooraa sukhadhaataa || karan kaaran samarath suaamee pooran purakh bidhaataa || rahaau||
My Perfect Guru is the Giver of peace. He is the Doer, the Cause of causes, the Almighty Lord and Master, the Perfect Primal Lord, the Architect of Destiny. ||Pausell

ana(n)dh binodh ma(n)gal gun gaavahu gur naanak bhe dhiaalaa Il jai jai kaar bhe jag bheetar hoaa paarabraham rakhavaalaa ||2||15||43||
Sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord in bliss, joy and ecstasy; Guru Nanak has. become kind and compassionate. Shouts of cheers and congratulations ring out all over the world; the Supreme Lord God has become my Savior and Protector. ||2||15|| 43||

soraTh mahalaa panjavaa ||
Sorat’h, Fifth Mehla:

dhurat gavaiaa har prabh aape sabh sa(n)saar ubaariaa || paarabraham prabh kirapaa dhaaree apanaa biradh samaariaa ||1||
The Lord God Himself has rid the whole world of its sins, and saved it. The Supreme Lord God extended His mercy, and confirmed His innate nature. ||1||

hoiee raaje raam kee rakhavaalee || sookh sahaj aanadh gun gaavahu man tan dheh sukhaalee || rahaau||
I have attained the Protective Sanctuary of the Lord, my King. In celestial peace and ecstasy, I sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, and my mind, body and being are at peace. ||Pause||

patit udhaaran satigur meraa moh tis kaa bharavaasaa || bakhas le sabh sachai saahib sun naanak kee aradhaasaa ||2||17||45||
My True Guru is the Savior of sinners; I have placed my trust and faith in Him. The True Lord has heard Nanak’s prayer, and He has forgiven everything. ||2||17||45||

soraTh mahalaa panjavaa ||
Sorat’h, Fifth Mehla:

bakhasiaa paarabraham paramesar sagale rog bidhaare || gur poore kee saranee ubare kaaraj sagal savaare ||1||
The Supreme Lord God, the Transcendent Lord, has forgiven me, and all diseases have been cured. Those who come to the Sanctuary of the True Guru are saved, and all their affairs are resolved. ||1||

har jan simariaa naam adhaar Il taap utaariaa satígur poorai apanee kirapaa dhaar || rahaau ||
The Lord’s humble servant meditates in remembrance on the Naam, the Name of the Lord; this is his only support. The Perfect True Guru extended His Mercy, and the fever has been dispelled. ||Pausell

sadhaa ana(n)dh kareh mere piaare har govidh gur raakhiaa || vaddee vaddiaaiee naanak karate kee saach sabadh sat bhaakhiaa ||2||18||46||
So celebrate and be happy, my beloveds the Guru has saved Hargobind. Great is the glorious greatness of the Creator, O Nanak; True is the Word of His Shabad, and True is the sermon of His Teachings. ||2||18||46||

soraTh mahalaa panjavaa ||
Sorat’h, Fifth Mehla:

bhe kirapaal guroo govi(n)dhaa sagal manorath paae || asathir bhe laag har charanee govi(n)dh ke gun gaae ||1||
The Guru, the Lord of the Universe, became merciful to me, and I obtained all of my mind’s desires. I have become stable and steady, touching the Lord’s Feet, and singing the Glorious Praises of the Lord of the Universe. ||1||

bhalo samoorat pooraa || saa(n)t sahaj aana(n)dh naam jap vaaje anahadh tooraa ||1|| rahaau ||
It is a good time, a perfectly auspicious time. I am in celestial peace, tranquility and ecstasy, chanting the Naam, the Name of the Lord; the unstruck melody of the sound current vibrates and resounds. ||1||Pausell

mile suaamee preetam apune ghar ma(n)dhar sukhadhaiee || har naam nidhaan naanak jan paiaa sagalee ichh pujaiee ||2||8||36||
Meeting with my Beloved Lord and Master, my home has become a mansion filled with happiness Servant Nanak has attained the treasure of the Lord’s Name; all his desires have been fulfilled. ||2|18||36||

soraTh mahalaa panjavaa ||
Sorat’h, Fifth Mehla:

sa(n)tahu har har naam dhiaaiee || sukh saagar prabh visarau naahee man chi(n)dhiaRaa fal paiee ||1||rahaau ||
O Saints, meditate on the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. Never forget God, the ocean of peace; thus you shall obtain the fruits of your mind’s desires. ||1||Pausell

satigur poorai taap gavaiaa apanee kirapaa dhaaree || paarabraham prabh bhe dhiaalaa dhukh miTiaa sabh paravaaree ||1||
Extending His Mercy, the Perfect True Guru has dispelled the fever. The Supreme Lord God has become kind and compassionate, and my whole family is now free of pain and suffering. ||1||

sarab nidhaan ma(n)gal ras roopaa har kaa naam adhaaro || naanak pat raakhee paramesar udhariaa
sabh sa(n)saaro ||2||20||48||
The Treasure of absolute joy, sublime elixir and beauty, the Name of the Lord is my only Support. O Nanak, the Transcendent Lord has preserved my honor, and saved the whole world. ||2||20||48||

soraTh mahalaa panjavaa ||
Sorat’h, Fifth Mehla:

meraa satigur rakhavaalaa hoaa II dhaar kirapaa prabh haath dhe raakhiaa har govidh navaa niroaa ||1|| rahaau ||
My True Guru is my Savior and Protector. Showering us with His Mercy and Grace, God extended His Hand, and saved Hargobind, who is now safe and secure. ||1||Pausell

taap giaa prabh aap miTalaa jan kee laaj rakhaiee || saadhasa(n)gat te sabh fal paae satigur jaa(n)iee ||1||
The fever is gone-God Himself eradicated it, and preserved the honor of His servant. I have obtained all blessings from the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy; I am a sacrifice to the True Guru. ||1||

halat palat prabh dhovai savaare hamaraa gun avagun na beechaariaa || aTal bachan naanak gur teraa safal kar masatak dhaariaa ||2||21||49||
God has saved me, both here and hereafter. He has not taken my merits and demerits into account. Your Word is eternal, O Guru Nanak; You placed Your Hand of blessing upon my forehead. ||2||21||49||

soraTh mahalaa panjavaa ||
Sorath, Fifth Mehla:

jeea ja(n)tr sabh tis ke ke’ee soiee sa(n)t sahaiee || apune sevak kee aape raakhai pooran bhiee baddaiee ||1||
All beings and creatures were created by Him; He alone is the support and friend of the Saints. He Himself preserves the honor of His servants: their glorious greatness becomes perfect. ||1||

paarabraham pooraa merai naal Il gur poorai pooree sabh raakhee hoe sarab dhiaal ||1|| rahaau ||
The Perfect Supreme Lord God is always with me. The Perfect Guru has perfectly and totally protected me, and now everyone is kind and compassionate to me. ||1||Pause||

anadhin naanak naam dhiaae jeea praan kaa dhaataa || apune dhaas kau ka(n)Th lai raakhai jiau baarik pit maataa ||2||22||50|||
Night and day, Nanak meditates on the Naam, the Name of the Lord; He is the Giver of the soul, and the breath of life itself. He hugs His slave close in His loving embrace, like the mother and father hug their child. || 2||22||50||

soraTh mahalaa panjavaa ||
Sorat’h, Fifth Mehla:

Thaadd paiee karataare || taap chhodd giaa paravaare || gur poorai hai raakhee || saran sache kee taakee ||1||
The Creator has brought utter peace to my home; the fever has left my family. The Perfect Guru has saved us. I sought the Sanctuary of the True Lord. ||1||

paramesar aap hoaa rakhavaalaa || saa(n)t sahaj sukh khin meh upaje man hoaa sadhaa sukhaalaa || rahaau ||
The Transcendent Lord Himself has become my Protector. Tranquility, intuitive peace and poise welled up in an instant, and my mind was comforted forever. ||Pause||

har har naam dheeo dhaaroo || tin sagalaa rog bidhaaroo || apanee kirapaa dhaaree || tin sagalee baat savaaree ||2||
The Lord, Har, Har, gave me the medicine of His Name, which has cured all disease. He extended His Mercy to me, and resolved all these affairs. ||2||

prabh apanaa biradh samaariaa || hamaraa gun avagun na beechaariaa || gur kaa sabadh bhio saakhee || tin sagalee laaj raakhee ||3||
God confirmed His loving nature; He did not take my merits or demerits into account. The Word of the Guru’s Shabad has become manifest, and through it, my honor was totally preserved. ||3||

bolaiaa bolee teraa || too saahib gunee gaheraa || jap naanak naam sach saakhee || apune dhaas kee paij raakhee ||4||6||56||
I speak as You cause me to speak; O Lord and Master, You are the ocean of excellence. Nanak chants the Naam, the Name of the Lord, according to the Teachings of Truth. God preserves the honor of His slaves. ||4|16||56||


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