Five Ks of Sikhism

The Five Ks of Sikhism are symbols which are must to be kept by all Sikhs. Sikh gurus asked to keep these 5 things always with a person to keep him close to Sikhism.

kesh: Kesh is called the “Hair”. It is forbidden to cut, trim or remove hair by any Sikh.

kangha: Kangha is called Comb for the hair. The Kangha is usually a small wooden comb. It is advised to use kangha twice a day to keep hair (Kesh) neat and tidy.

kara: An iron bracelet is called a kara. Kara is usually worn in right hand and is said to be never be removed. 

kachh: Kachh is an undergarment made of cotton which resembles a boxer. It’s length can vary and it can go up to the knees.

kirpan: Kirpan is a small sword wore by a Sikh to be kept along him everyday. Kirpan is a symbol of self-defense and courage.

These five Ks are advised to be kept by all Sikhs by Gurus but, with time slight changes has occurred. Many Sikh people don’t keep all of the five Ks but those who are Amrit dhari do follow all the five ks. Easy way to know if a person is Amirt Dhari nowadays is that he/she will be wearing Kirpan.

There are different explanations for wearing Kara. But, most people wear Kara to show their proud Sikh identity and to know that the god is always with them.

These five symbols host most significance to Sikhs and their meaning may differ from person to person but, these do make you close to the almighty one.

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