Barah Maha English Translation

Baareh Maahaa Maanjh Mehalaa 5 Ghar 4
Baarah Maahaa~ The Twelve Months: Maajh, Fifth
Mehl, Fourth House:

Ik Oankaar Sathigur Prasaadh ||
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

Kirath Karam Kae Veeshhurrae Kar Kirapaa Maelahu Raam ||
By the actions we have committed, we are separated from You. Please show Your Mercy, and unite us with Yourself, Lord.

Chaar Kuntt Dheh Dhis Bhramae Thhak Aaeae Prabh Kee Saam ||
We have grown weary of wandering to the four corners of the earth and in the directions. We have come to Your Sanctuary, God.

Dhhaen Dhudhhai Thae Baaharee Kithai N Aavai Kaam ||
Without milk, a cow serves no purpose.

Jal Bin Saakh Kumalaavathee Oupajehi Naahee Dhaam ||
Without water, the crop withers, and it will not bring a good price.

Har Naah N Mileeai Saajanai Kath Paaeeai Bisaraam ||
If we do not meet the Lord, our Friend, how can we find our place of rest?

Jith Ghar Har Kanth N Pragattee Bhath Nagar Sae Graam ||
Those homes, those hearts, in which the Husband Lord is not manifest-those towns and villages are like burning furnaces..

Srab Seegaar Thanbol Ras San Dhaehee Sabh Khaam ||
All decorations, the chewing of betel to sweeten the
breath, and the body itself, are all useless and vain.

Prabh Suaamee Kanth Vihooneeaa Meeth Sajan Sabh Jaam ||
Without God, our Husband, our Lord and Master, all friends and companions are like the Messenger of Death.

Naanak Kee Baenantheeaa Kar Kirapaa Dheejai Naam ||
This is Nanak’s prayer: “Please show Your Mercy, and bestow Your Name.

Har Maelahu Suaamee Sang Prabh Jis Kaa Nihachal Dhhaam ||1||
O my Lord and Master, please unite me with Yourself, O God, in the Eternal Mansion of Your Presence.||1||

Chaeth Govindh Araadhheeai Hovai Anandh Ghanaa ||
In the month of Chayt, by meditating on the Lord of the Universe, a deep and profound joy arises.

Santh Janaa Mil Paaeeai Rasanaa Naam Bhanaa ||
Meeting with the humble Saints, the Lord is found, as we chant His Name with our tongues.

Jin Paaeiaa Prabh Aapanaa Aaeae Thisehi Ganaa ||
Those who have found God-blessed is their coming into this world.

Eik Khin This Bin Jeevanaa Birathhaa Janam Janaa ||
Those who live without Him, for even an instant-their lives are rendered useless.

Jal Thhal Meheeal Pooriaa Raviaa Vich Vanaa ||
The Lord is totally pervading the water, the land, and all space. He is contained in the forests as well.

So Prabh Chith N Aavee Kitharraa Dhukh Ganaa ||
Those who do not remember God-how much pain must they suffer!

Jinee Raaviaa So Prabhoo Thinnaa Bhaag Manaa ||
Those who dwell upon their God have great good fortune.

Har Dharasan Kano Man Lochadhaa Naanak Piaas Manaa ||
My mind yearns for the Blessed Vision of the Lord’s Darshan. O Nanak, my mind is so thirsty!

Chaeth Milaaeae So Prabhoo This Kai Paae Lagaa ||2||
I touch the feet of one who unites me with God in the month of Chayt.||2||

Vaisaakh Dhheeran Kio Vaadteeaa Jinaa Praem Bishhohu ||
In the month of Vaisaakh, how can the bride be patient? She is separated from her Beloved.

Har Saajan Purakh Visaar Kai Lagee Maaeiaa Dhhohu ||
She has forgotten the Lord, her Life-companion, her Master; she has become attached to Maya, the deceitful one.

Puthr Kalathr N Sang Dhhanaa Har Avinaasee Ouhu ||
Neither son, nor spouse, nor wealth shall go along with you-only the Eternal Lord.

Palach Palach Sagalee Muee Jhoothai Dhhandhhai Mohu ||
Entangled and enmeshed in the love of false occupations, the whole world is perishing.

Eikas Har Kae Naam Bin Agai Leeahi Khohi ||
Without the Naam, the Name of the One Lord, they lose their lives in the hereafter.

Dhay Visaar Viguchanaa Prabh Bin Avar N Koe ||
Forgetting the Merciful Lord, they are ruined. Without God, there is no other at all.

Preetham Charanee Jo Lagae Thin Kee Niramal Soe ||
Pure is the reputation of those who are attached to the Feet of the Beloved Lord.

Naanak Kee Prabh Baenathee Prabh Milahu Paraapath Hoe ||
Nanak makes this prayer to God: “”Please, come and unite me with Yourself.”

Vaisaakh Suhaavaa Thaan Lagai Jaa Santh Bhaettai Har Soe ||3||
The month of Vaisaakh is beautiful and pleasant, when the Saint causes me to meet the Lord.||3||

Har Jaeth Jurrandhaa Lorreeai Jis Agai Sabh Nivann||
In the month of Jayt’h, the bride longs to meet with the Lord. All bow in humility before Him.

Har Sajan Dhaavan Lagiaa Kisai N Dhaeee Bann ||
One who has grasped the hem of the robe of the Lord, the True Friend-no one can keep him in bondage.

Maanak Mothee Naam Prabh Oun Lagai Naahee Sann ||
God’s Name is the Jewel, the Pearl. It cannot be stolen or taken away.

Rang Sabhae Naaraaeinai Jaethae Man Bhaavann ||
In the Lord are all pleasures which please the mind.

Jo Har Lorrae So Karae Soee Jeea Karann ||
As the Lord wishes, so He acts, and so His creatures act.

Jo Prabh Keethae Aapanae Saeee Keheeahi Dhhann ||
They alone are called blessed, whom God has made His Own.

Aapan Leeaa Jae Milai Vishhurr Kio Rovann||
If people could meet the Lord by their own efforts, why would they be crying out in the pain of separation?

Saadhhoo Sang Paraapathae Naanak Rang Maanann ||
Meeting Him in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, O Nanak, celestial bliss is enjoyed.

Har Jaeth Rangeelaa This Dhhanee Jis Kai Bhaag Mathhann ||4||
In the month of Jayt’h, the playful Husband Lord meets her, upon whose forehead such good destiny is recorded.||4||

Aasaarr Thapandhaa This Lagai Har Naahu N Jinnaa Paas ||
The month of Aasaarh seems burning hot, to those who are not close to their Husband Lord.

Jagajeevan Purakh Thiaag Kai Maanas Sandhee Aas ||
They have forsaken God the Primal Being, the Life of the World, and they have come to rely upon mere mortals.

Dhuyai Bhaae Vigucheeai Gal Pees Jam Kee Faas ||
In the love of duality, the soul-bride is ruined; around her neck she wears the noose of Death.

Jaehaa Beejai So Lunai Mathhai Jo Likhiaas ||
As you plant, so shall you harvest; your destiny is recorded on your forehead.

Rain Vihaanee Pashhuthaanee Outh Chalee Gee Niraas ||
The life-night passes away, and in the end, one comes to regret and repent, and then depart with no hope at all.

Jin Ka Saadhhoo Bhaetteeai So Dharageh Hoe Khalaas ||
Those who meet with the Holy Saints are liberated in the Court of the Lord.

Kar Kirapaa Prabh Aapanee Thaerae Dharasan Hoe Piaas ||
Show Your Mercy to me, O God; I am thirsty for the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan.

Prabh Thudhh Bin Dhoojaa Ko Nehee Naanak Kee Aradhaas ||
Without You, God, there is no other at all. This is Nanak’s humble prayer.

Aasaarr Suhandhaa This Lagai Jis Man Har Charan Nivaas ||5||
The month of Aasaarh is pleasant, when the Feet of the Lord abide in the mind.||5||

Saavan Sarasee Kaamanee Charan Kamal Sio Piaar ||
In the month of Saawan, the soul-bride is happy, if she falls in love with the Lotus Feet of the Lord.

Man Than Rathaa Sach Rang Eiko Naam Adhhaar ||
Her mind and body are imbued with the Love of the True One; His Name is her only Support.

Bikhiaa Rang Koorraaviaa Dhisan Sabhae Shhaar ||
The pleasures of corruption are false. All that is seen shall turn to ashes.

Har Anmrith Boondh Suhaavanee Mil Saadhhoo Peevanehaar ||
The drops of the Lord’s Nectar are so beautiful! Meeting the Holy Saint, we drink these in.

Van Thin Prabh Sang Mouliaa Sanmrathh Purakh Apaar ||
The forests and the meadows are rejuvenated and refreshed with the Love of God, the All-powerful, Infinite Primal Being.

Har Milanai No Man Lochadhaa Karam Milaavanehaar ||
My mind yearns to meet the Lord. If only He would show His Mercy, and unite me with Himself!

Jinee Sakheeeae Prabh Paaeiaa Hano Thin Kai Sadh Balihaar ||
Those brides who have obtained God-I am forever a sacrifice to them.

Naanak Har Jee Maeiaa Kar Sabadh Savaaranehaar ||
O Nanak, when the Dear Lord shows kindness, He adorns His bride with the Word of His Shabad.

Saavan Thinaa Suhaaganee Jin Raam Naam Our Haar ||6||
Saawan is delightful for those happy soul-brides whose hearts are adorned with the Necklace of the Lord’s Name.|16||

Bhaadhue Bharam Bhulaaneeaa Dhoojai Lagaa Haeth ||
In the month of Bhaadon, she is deluded by doubt, because of her attachment to duality.

Lakh Seegaar Banaaeiaa Kaaraj Naahee Kaeth ||
She may wear thousands of ornaments, but they are of no use at all.

Jith Dhin Dhaeh Binasasee Thith Vaelai Kehasan Praeth ||
On that day when the body perishes-at that time, she becomes a ghost.

Pakarr Chalaaein Dhooth Jam Kisai N Dhaenee Bhaeth ||
The Messenger of Death seizes and holds her, and does not tell anyone his secret.

Shhadd Kharrothae Khinai Maahi Jin Sio Lagaa Haeth ||
And her loved ones-in an instant, they move on, leaving her all alone.

Hathh Marorrai Than Kapae Siaahahu Hoaa Saeth ||
She wrings her hands, her body writhes in pain, and she turns from black to white.

Jaehaa Beejai So Lunai Karamaa Sandharraa Khaeth ||
As she has planted, so does she harvest; such i the field of karma.

Naanak Prabh Saranaagathee Charan Bohithh Prabh Dhaeth ||
Nanak seeks God’s Sanctuary; God has given him the Boat of His Feet.

Sae Bhaadhue Narak N Paaeeahi Gur Rakhan Vaalaa Haeth ||7||
Those who love the Guru, the Protector and Savior, in Bhaadon, shall not be thrown down into hell.|17||

Asun Praem Oumaaharraa Kio Mileeai Har Jaae ||
In the month of Assu, my love for the Lord overwhelms me. How can I go and meet the Lord?

Man Than Piaas Dharasan Ghanee Koee Aan Milaavai Maae ||
My mind and body are so thirsty for the Blessed Vision of His Darshan. Won’t someone please come and lead me to him, O my mother.

Santh Sehaaee Praem Kae Ho Thin Kai Laagaa Paae ||
The Saints are the helpers of the Lord’s lovers; I fall and touch their feet.

Vin Prabh Kio Sukh Paaeeai Dhoojee Naahee Jaae ||
Without God, how can I find peace? There is nowhere else to go.

Jinnhee Chaakhiaa Praem Ras Sae Thripath Rehae Aaghaae ||
Those who have tasted the sublime essence of His Love, remain satisfied and fulfilled.

Aap Thiaag Binathee Karehi Laehu Prabhoo Larr Laae ||
They renounce their selfishness and conceit, and they pray, “”God, please attach me to the hem of Your robe.””

Jo Har Kanth Milaaeeaa S Vishhurr Kathehi N Jaae ||
Those whom the Husband Lord has united with Himself, shall not be separated from Him again.

Prabh Vin Dhoojaa Ko Nehee Naanak Har Saranaae ||
Without God, there is no other at all. Nanak has entered the Sanctuary of the Lord.

Asoo Sukhee Vasandheeaa Jinaa Maeiaa Har Raae |18||
In Assu, the Lord, the Sovereign King, has granted His Mercy, and they dwell in peace.|18||

Kathik Karam Kamaavanae Dhos N Kaahoo Jog ||
In the month of Katak, do good deeds. Do not try to blame anyone else.

Paramaesar Thae Bhuliaaan Viaapan Sabhae Rog ||
Forgetting the Transcendent Lord, all sorts of illnesses are contracted.

Vaemukh Hoeae Raam Thae Lagan Janam Vijog ||
Those who turn their backs on the Lord shall be separated from Him and consigned to reincarnation, over and over again.

Khin Mehi Kourrae Hoe Geae Jitharrae Maaeiaa Bhog ||
In an instant, all of Maya’s sensual pleasures turn bitter.

Vich N Koee Kar Sakai Kis Thhai Rovehi Roj ||
No one can then serve as your intermediary. Unto whom can we turn and cry?

Keethaa Kishhoo N Hovee Likhiaa Dhhur Sanjog ||
By one’s own actions, nothing can be done; destiny was pre-determined from the very beginning.

Vaddabhaagee Maeraa Prabh Milai Thaan Outharehi Sabh Bioug ||
By great good fortune, I meet my God, and then all pain of separation departs.

Naanak Ko Prabh Raakh Laehi Maerae Saahib Bandhee Moch ||
Please protect Nanak, God; O my Lord and Master, please release me from bondage.

Kathik Hovai Saadhhasang Binasehi Sabhae Soch ||9||
In Katak, in the Company of the Holy, all anxiety vanishes.|19||

Manghir Maahi Sohandheeaa Har Pir Sang Baitharreeaah ||
In the month of Maghar, those who sit with their Beloved Husband Lord are beautiful.

Thin Kee Sobhaa Kiaa Ganee J Saahib Maelarreeaah ||
How can their glory be measured? Their Lord and Master blends them with Himself.

Than Man Mouliaa Raam Sio Sang Saadhh Sehaelarreeaah ||
Their bodies and minds blossom forth in the Lord; they have the companionship of the Holy Saints.

Saadhh Janaa Thae Baaharee Sae Rehan Eikaelarreeaah ||
Those who lack the Company of the Holy, remain all alone.

Thin Dhukh N Kabehoo Outharai Sae Jam Kai Vas Parreeaah ||
Their pain never departs, and they fall into the grip of the Messenger of Death.

Jinee Raaviaa Prabh Aapanaa Sae Dhisan Nith Kharreeaah ||
Those who have ravished and enjoyed their God, are seen to be continually exalted and uplifted.

Rathan Javaehar Laal Har Kanth Thinaa Jarreeaah ||
They wear the Necklace of the jewels, emeralds and rubies of the Lord’s Name.

Naanak Baanshhai Dhhoorr Thin Prabh Saranee Dhar Parreeaah ||
Nanak seeks the dust of the feet of those who take to the Sanctuary of the Lord’s Door.

Manghir Prabh Aaraadhhanaa Bahurr N Janamarreeaah ||10||
Those who worship and adore God in Maghar, do not suffer the cycle of reincarnation ever again.||10||

Pokh Thukhaar N Viaapee Kanth Miliaa Har Naahu ||
In the month of Poh, the cold does not touch those, whom the Husband Lord hugs close in His Embrace.

Man Baedhhiaa Charanaarabindh Dharasan Lagarraa Saahu ||
Their minds are transfixed by His Lotus Feet. They are attached to the Blessed Vision of the Lord’s Darshan.

Outt Govindh Gopaal Raae Saevaa Suaamee Laahu ||
Seek the Protection of the Lord of the Universe; His service is truly profitable.

Bikhiaa Pohi N Sakee Mil Saadhhoo Gun Gaahu ||
Corruption shall not touch you, when you join the Holy Saints and sing the Lord’s Praises.

Jeh Thae Oupajee Theh Milee Sachee Preeth Samaahu ||
From where it originated, there the soul is blended again. It is absorbed in the Love of the True Lord.

Kar Gehi Leenee Paarabreham Bahurr N Vishhurreeaahu ||
When the Supreme Lord God grasps someone’s hand, he shall never again suffer separation from Him.

Baar Jaao Lakh Baereeaa Har Sajan Agam Agaahu ||
I am a sacrifice, 100,000 times, to the Lord, my Friend, the Unapproachable and Unfathomable.

Saram Pee Naaraaeinai Naanak Dhar Peeaahu ||
Please preserve my honor, Lord; Nanak begs at Your Door.

Pokh Suohandhaa Sarab Sukh Jis Bakhasae Vaeparavaahu ||11||
Poh is beautiful, and all comforts come to that one, whom the Carefree Lord has forgiven.||11||

Maagh Majan Sang Saadhhooaa Dhhoorree Kar Eisanaan ||
In the month of Maagh, let your cleansing bath be the dust of the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy.

Har Kaa Naam Dhhiaae Sun Sabhanaa No Kar Dhaan ||
Meditate and listen to the Name of the Lord, and give it to everyone.

Janam Karam Mal Outharai Man Thae Jaae Gumaan ||
In this way, the filth of lifetimes of karma shall be removed, and egotistical pride shall vanish from your mind.

Kaam Karodhh N Moheeai Binasai Lobh Suaan ||
Sexual desire and anger shall not seduce you, and the dog of greed shall depart.

Sachai Maarag Chaladhiaa Ousathath Karae Jehaan ||
Those who walk on the Path of Truth shall be praised throughout the world.

Athasath Theerathh Sagal Punn Jeea Dhaeiaa Paravaan ||
Be kind to all beings-this is more meritorious than bathing at the sixty-eight sacred shrines of pilgrimage and the giving of charity.

Jis No Dhaevai Dhaeiaa Kar Soee Purakh Sujaan ||
That person, upon whom the Lord bestows His Mercy, is a wise person.

Jinaa Miliaa Prabh Aapanaa Naanak Thin Kurabaan ||
Nanak is a sacrifice to those who have merged with God.

Maagh Suchae Sae Kaandteeahi Jin Pooraa Gur Miharavaan ||12||
In Maagh, they alone are known as true, unto whom the Perfect Guru is Merciful.||12||

Falagun Anandh Oupaarajanaa Har Sajan Pragattae Aae ||
In the month of Phalgun, bliss comes to those, unto whom the Lord, the Friend, has been revealed.

Santh Sehaaee Raam Kae Kar Kirapaa Dheeaa Milaae ||
The Saints, the Lord’s helpers, in their mercy, have united me with Him.

Saej Suhaavee Sarab Sukh Hun Dhukhaa Naahee Jaae ||
My bed is beautiful, and I have all comforts. I feel no sadness at all.

Eishh Punee Vaddabhaaganee Var Paaeiaa Har Raae ||
My desires have been fulfilled-by great good fortune, I have obtained the Sovereign Lord as my Husband.

Mil Seheeaa Mangal Gaavehee Geeth Govindh Alaae ||

Join with me, my sisters, and sing the songs of rejoicing and the Hymns of the Lord of the Universe.

Har Jaehaa Avar N Dhisee Koee Dhoojaa Lavai N Laae ||
There is no other like the Lord-there is no equal to Him.

Halath Palath Savaarioun Nihachal Dhitheean Jaae ||
He embellishes this world and the world hereafter, and He gives us our permanent home there.

Sansaar Saagar Thae Rakhian Bahurr N Janamai Dhhaae ||
He rescues us from the world-ocean; never again do we have to run the cycle of reincarnation.

Jihavaa Eaek Anaek Gun Tharae Naanak Charanee Paae ||
I have only one tongue, but Your Glorious Virtues are beyond counting. Nanak is saved, falling at Your Feet.

Falagun Nith Salaaheeai Jis No Thil N Thamaae ||13||
In Phalgun, praise Him continually; He has not even an iota of greed.||13||

Jin Jin Naam Dhhiaaeiaa Thin Kae Kaaj Sarae ||
Those who meditate on the Naam, the Name of the Lord-their affairs are all resolved.

Har Gur Pooraa Aaraadhhiaa Dharageh Sach Kharae ||
Those who meditate on the Perfect Guru, the Lord Incarnate-they are judged true in the Court of the Lord.

Sarab Sukhaa Nidhh Charan Har Bhoujal Bikham Tharae ||
The Lord’s Feet are the Treasure of all peace and comfort for them; they cross over the terrifying and treacherous world-ocean.

Praem Bhagath Thin Paaeeaa Bikhiaa Naahi Jarae ||
They obtain love and devotion, and they do not burn in corruption.

Koorr Geae Dhubidhhaa Nasee Pooran Sach Bharae ||
Falsehood has vanished, duality has been erased, and they are totally overflowing with Truth.

Paarabreham Prabh Saevadhae Man Andhar Eaek Dhharae ||
They serve the Supreme Lord God, and enshrine the One Lord within their minds.

Maah Dhivas Moorath Bhalae Jis Ko Nadhar Karae ||
The months, the days, and the moments are auspicious, for those upon whom the Lord casts His Glance of Grace.

Naanak Mangai Dharas Dhaan Kirapaa Karahu Harae ||14||
Nanak begs for the blessing of Your Vision, O Lord. Please, shower Your Mercy upon me!||14||

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