Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji NitnemSahib 1
NameGuru Nanak Dev Ji
Father’s NameMehta Kalayan Das
Mother’s NameMata Tripata
Date of BirthApril 15, 1469 (as per SGPC)
Place of BirthRae Bhoi di Talavandi known as Nankana Sahib, no in Pakistan
Spouse NameBibi Sulakhani Ji
Children’s NameBaba Sri Chand, Baba Lakhami Das
Cities FoundedKartarpur, a city on the banks of river Ravi in 1504
BanisHymns, 974 in 19 Ragas, e.g. Asa, Basantu, Dhanasari, Gauri Majh, Ramakali, Sorathi, Sri Rag and Suhi etc.
Contemporary RulersBaholol Lodhi (1451 – 1489)
Sikandar Lodhi (1489 – 1517)
Ibrahim Lodhi (1517 – 1526)
Emperor Babar (1526 – 1530)
Emperor Humayun (1530 – 1540)
MessageKirat Karo – Live an Honest Life
Naam Japo – Remember God
Vand Ke Chhako – Share your things with others
Special ContributionTo shed away caste-prejudices, because all human beings are equal.
To imbibe the spirit of Service and Humility.
JourneysGuru Nanak Dev made five important journeys to different parts of world in between 1500 – 1524
1500 – 1506 Parts of East India, Bangladesh, Pakistan.
1506 – 1513 Regions of Southern India and Sri Lanka
1514 – 1518 Regions of Kashmir, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and South China
1519 – 1521 Regions of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Syria, Jordan and South Arabia including Mecca and parts of Africa
1523 – 1524 Parts of Punjab now in North India and Pakistan
Joti JotSeptember 22, 1539 at Kartarpur (Ravi).
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