Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji

Guru Arjan Dev Ji NitnemSahib
NameGuru Arjan Dev Ji
Father’s NameGuru Ram Das Ji
Mother’s DayMata Bhani
Date of BirthApril 15, 1563
Place of BirthGoindval in Dist. Amritsar
Spouse NameBibi Ganga Devi
Children’s Name(Guru) Harigobind
Accession to GurgaddiSeptember 1, 1581 at Goindval
Cities FoundedHe completed the construction of tanks of Santokhasar in 1588
Started the construction of Harimandar Sahib in 1588
Started the work of digging of a tank at a place, at Taran Tiran Sahib in 1590
Sri Harigobindpur on the banks of river Bias
BanisHymns 2312 in 30 Ragas, e.g. Sri Rag, Asa, Basantu, Majh, Gujari, Gauri and Suhi etc. Guru Sahib recited his Ban during the years 1581 – 1604 A.D.
Contemporary RulersEmperor Akbar (1556 – 1605)
Emperor Jahangir (1605 – 1626)
MessageIn his Sukhmani, recited in Rag Gauri during the years 1601 – 1604 A.D.; he describes the essence of true life, die union of Soul with the Supreme Being and great importance of the Guru and die saintly people in one’s life.
Special ContributionHe compiled the Granth Sahib in the year 1604
He enjoined the Sikhs to contribute one tenth of their righteous earnings, called Dasavandh
He was the first martyr who laid the foundation of great Sikh tradition of Martyrdom
Joti JotMay 30, 1606 at Lahore, now in Pakistan
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